Skinny Jab Diaries

Read >> my diary entries and find out how I eventually got the Skinny Jab, AKA Slim Jab, Skinni Jab, Slender Jab weight loss injection to work for me. One whole year of my life I spent buying Saxenda - taking it on, off, binning it and it not working for me. This left me de-moralised, deflated and really really miserable! The failure I felt was unbelievable - that this FDA approved weight loss medication was not even working for me. This despair drove me to create my own plan. It was like putting pieces of the jigsaw together. The medication really helped me control my hunger and cravings - but it is not a magic wand. It helped me - but combined with other factors. I lost three stone in weight and took control of my life again. I am sure you can do the same!

Yasmin - founder of the Kickstarter Plan and Skinni Jab

Year 2017 - my first time using SkinnyJab

Healthy Lifestyle forgotten due to grief

A Healthy Lifestyle is lost due to an unavoidable shock | RIP

By Skinni Jab | Oct 30, 2017

A Healthy Lifestyle – goes out of the window Just when you think you are getting your life together. My…

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weight loss medication slimming jab

Skinny Jab Cost. Reality – More Than 1 Pen Needed A Month

By Skinni Jab | Oct 10, 2017

figure 1 Skinny Jab Cost above If you were to use the SkinnyJab (Saxenda® ) weight loss pen medication (AKA SkinnyJab,…

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Day Ten on the SkinnyJab

By Skinni Jab | Sep 21, 2017

Upping the dosage. Took a 1.6 jab this morning. After a disastrous first week, I decided I need to up my…

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Day Seven on my Skinny Jab

By Skinni Jab | Sep 17, 2017

Over a week later I wish the scales say “YES” – but they don’t! I was told by the doctor…

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Day Two …. feeling emotional

By Skinni Jab | Sep 13, 2017

I start off the day well – SkinnyJab injection administered. Bottles of water in my bag. I have a two-hour…

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Day One of my Skinny Shot aka SkinnyJab life. I am so excited

By Skinni Jab | Sep 12, 2017

injection pen instead of toast I decided to take the Skinny Shot called Saxenda©️  AKA SkinnyJab at 10 a.m in…

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weight loss medication slimming jab

Slimming Jab Appointment I Finally Book | Helps Curb Hunger

By Skinni Jab | Sep 8, 2017

the slimming jab journey begins Feeling in a pretty good mood this morning. Make a cooked breakfast feast for my…

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the slimming injection everyone wants

The Slimming Injection Everyone Wants. Phones Engaged

By Skinni Jab | Sep 3, 2017

hitting that redial button … again and again and again! The last few days since that article about this new…

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Femail Magazine Caroline SkinnyJab founder

SkinnyJab | Weight Loss | the news article that got me excited!

By Skinni Jab | Sep 1, 2017

photograph of the skinny jab article in the female magazine in the Scottish Sunday Mail weight loss injections As I…

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alternative to Gastric Sleeve?

Is the Gastric sleeve the answer? An alternative?

By Skinni Jab | Aug 20, 2017

An alternative to Gastric Sleeve or Bariatric Surgery? For months now I have been making enquires about the Gastric sleeve and Bariatric surgery.…

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hope for weight loss weight loss injections

Weight Loss Injection here I come – finally, there is hope!

By Skinni Jab | Aug 8, 2017

  I can’t sleep! Weight Loss Injections here I come. I am so excited I can’t contain myself. Its nearly…

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looking for a quick weight loss fix

A quick weight loss fix? feeling disheartened big time …….

By Skinni Jab | Jun 1, 2017

  Wanting a quick weight loss fix! overweight & obese (that’s what my BMI says!) If I am truly honest…

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