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Saxenda® (Liraglutide) Weight Loss Injection - Cure for Obesity?

Everything You Need to Know. Episode 1

The weight loss injection medication Saxenda® (brand name, drug name is Liraglutide) was approved in the U.K in 2017. After my (It's Yasmin founder of Skinni Jab and the Kickstarter Plan) own experience with it ( failed at achieving my weight loss goals with it in the first year. My first few experiences with this medication were horrendous) I can safely say - I don’t think weight loss injections are a “cure” but a powerful tool, for some a vital component of a successful weight loss plan. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry and studied Biochemistry it was important to me to understand how the medication "actually works". So I've tried to break it down ..... here's episode 1 

An uphill struggle - Losing Weight

Losing weight isn’t an easy task for everyone. In fact, the truth is for many of us it’s a near enough impossible lifelong commitment. In fact, when working out your BMI it does come as a surprise how many people in the U.K are classified as obese. I can probably say with confidence that a large majority of us have tried a number of weight loss supplements, diets, fads and other weight loss strategies. Often it's the hunger and cravings that get to us - turning us into hunger monsters! Then there’s also trying to sustain it long term.

From cabbage soup to CrossFit to cider vinegar to bullet coffee to an endless list of bogus weight loss claims with promises galore that never quite seem to make the mark. Does this sound familiar to you at all? Can you relate? We flit from one weight loss supplement to another weight loss plan searching for that perfect “solution”. Which is going to change our lives. Make us happier. Even make us more loved. In fact, most of us have even given up complaining when we “don’t lose the weight” as that’s what we now expect – diets and weight loss products that don't work.

Weight Loss - Hobby or an Achievable Goal?

Weight loss has slowly now become a “hobby” as opposed to an “achievable goal”. I am totally guilty of just "accepting" in the past that many "weight loss products" just don't work. No, they really don't! 

As we know today, many of us try out different weight loss products available on the market. (Just open the kitchen cupboards - I'm sure there will be some weight loss product out of date, sitting unused).  But do they guarantee the results?

Well, I found one prescribed medication that does. It works. In fact, it works really well when a lifestyle plan is followed alongside it.

Weight Loss Injection - Saxenda®

Saxenda® was approved in the U.K in 2017 and made available on prescription to people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 30. (There are other determining factors, which we won’t go into here now).

Do you know that research clinical studies have proved that Saxenda is a proven medication for losing weight? Download the clinical study here 
It directly works on your body by altering the hormones that are likely to interfere with your metabolism, appetite, and contributes to altering other hormone levels, which help in the process of weight loss.

Before learning how Saxenda® works, let's find out what Saxenda is.

Saxenda® is an FDA approved injectable medicine, which not only helps you to lose weight but can also help in maintaining it. Along with a low-calorie diet and regular workout, adults who are dealing with issues of being overweight or obesity can meet their weight loss goal effectively. Novo Nordisk, the makers of this medication, state that this prescription is intended for the adults who have:

• Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30, considered obese, 
• Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 with weight-related conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol. 

Ingredients in Saxenda®

The active ingredient used in Saxenda® is Liraglutide (It is an injectable medicine to treat diabetes, but it is also helpful in reducing weight). Saxenda® is its brand name. This ingredient is also used in non-insulin prescription Victoza, prescribed in low dose for the treatment of diabetes. Intake of Liraglutide can help patients with obesity to stimulate and sustain weight loss.

Other names it is known as 

Saxenda®  (Liraglutide) in the U.K also known as the Skinny Jab, the Skinny Shot, the Slender Jab, Slim Jab, Skinny Shot, Skinny Revolution Jab, Slim without Surgery jab – these are all names for the exact same medication - Liraglutide. We at the Skinni Jab combine this medication with our K Plan. I personally feel these "skinny" names give the wrong “impression” about the prescribed medication.

How does Saxenda® help in boosting weight loss?

Dissimilar to other weight loss products, Saxenda® is an injection pen, similar to diabetes insulin. This medicine imitates a natural hormone found in the intestine while eating, rather than suppressing the appetite or by removing the excess fat from the body.

Saxenda® works like the hormone that our body produces, which regulates the appetite, known as glucagon-like peptide-1. This hormone activates the areas of your brain that controls appetite, making you less hungry, and also helps you in managing your low-calorie intake. As a result, it helps you in losing weight as your body is functioning on a calorie deficit. 

Clinical studies have shown that patients using Saxenda® have observed significant weight loss. By adding some weight loss therapies and regular intake of this medicine, you can lose weight drastically. 

Liraglutide normalise's blood sugar level.

When the blood sugar level is high, beta cells release insulin. Saxenda® works in different ways to help these beta cells normalize the blood sugar level. They help people who have Type 2 diabetes to normalise their blood sugar level.

If you are aware of how your hormones influence weight loss and to what degree, you can begin to appreciate the benefits of this medication for weight loss. 

In my next post, Episode 2 about Saxenda®  I will discuss The Starvation Mode and Weight Loss Injections and how Saxenda® reduces  Leptin Resistance Yasmin 

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