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Just Like Sarah Vine - 2018 was the year that Yasmin, the founder of Skinni Jab and the Kickstarter Plan also cracked her weight loss efforts and succeeded using Saxenda® aka SkinnyJab, Slender Jab, Slim Jab.

I finally cracked the secret to weight loss ........

But 2018 was the year that all changed when I finally stuck to my New Year’s resolution: shifting (almost) all of my excess weight.

In fairness, I had a bit of a head-start on the year. In autumn 2017, following several rather uncomfortable conversations about my weight with my doctor, I took myself off to the viva Mayr clinic in Austria. It wasn’t the first time I had tried a weight-loss clinic — indeed, I’ve lost count of the amount of time and money I’ve frittered away on these sorts of places — but, this time, I was determined to succeed.

My weight, you see, had shifted from being a purely aesthetic problem, an impediment to looking half-decent in a bathing costume, and progressed into being a medical issue. Daily Mail | 2018.12.31 | Sarah Vine |

Sarah Vine, a journalist came across Saxenda®  in 2018. She talks about her struggle an how it helped her and her struggle with weight loss.

'I'm proof diet pills can work,' says SARAH VINE. But society must stop seeing fat people as greedy failures who deserve to be punished

As someone who has spent their entire life striving to lose weight — and keep it off — I devoured the news that a new appetite suppressant called lorcaserin has been successfully trialled in Americ Daily Mail | 2018.08.29 | Sarah Vine

Caroline Balazs, founder of SkinnyJab was one of the first people to commercialise Saxenda in the U.K. This was the company Yasmin the founder initially used, her failing using Saxenda this way inspired Yasmin to create her own plan which led to Yasmin successfully losing her weight. You can read about Yasmin's weight loss journey here 

Is a jab that makes you feel full really a safe way to lose weight?

The jab is still a new treatment and Caroline, an aesthetic specialist, is one of a handful of practitioners pioneering it in the UK. She says she has treated 350 people since April, with an average weight loss of 13lb after one three-week course of the drug. SkinnyJab comes in an automatic pen — like an insulin pen — that patients use to inject themselves in the stomach daily. each pen costs £200 and lasts three weeks. Losing two stone, says Caroline, takes six to nine weeks.

Astonishingly, she predicts the jab will eliminate obesity within a decade.‘ What Botox did to wrinkles, SkinnyJab will do for weight loss,’ she declares — quite a claim, considering more than a million women a year have Botox, and its market value is £3.6 billion. But could Caroline be right? And can it really be good for you to lose so much weight with an injection? Scottish Daily Mail | 2017.08.31 | Johanna Bell

Injection drug which claims to help people lose more weight than they would by dieting or exercising could soon be available through the NHS.

Daily injection which is 'better' than dieting or exercise on NHS soon

A treatment of injections that can help people lose a stone more than they normally would by dieting or exercising more has been approved by health watchdogs.

Liraglutide, which has been described by doctors as life-changing, could be available on prescription in months.

Slimmers typically lose almost a stone more than they would by simply watching how many calories they consume and doing more exercise.

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Read my diary entries and find out how I eventually got the Skinny Jab, AKA Slim Jab, Skinni Jab, Slender Jab weight loss injection to work for me.

The middle of 2017 was the year was the start of my Skinny Jab journey. I spent a whole year buying Saxenda - taking it on, off, on, off, binning it, giving up on it and starting all over again. This left me de-moralised, deflated, financially poorer and really, really miserable!

Feeling such a failure - that this FDA approved weight loss medication was not even working for me. I eventually created my own plan - by putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together. The Skinny Jab was part of the plan - but I stress it is not a magic wand, it helped me control my hunger pangs and cravings. But it was not the whole story. 

It was successful in helping me lose weight combined with other factors. I lost three stone in weight and took control of my life again, you can do the same!

Yasmin - founder of the Kickstarter Plan and Skinni Jab