Skinny Jab Cost. Reality – More Than 1 Pen Needed A Month

skinny jab cost the reality

figure 1 Skinny Jab Cost above If you were to use the SkinnyJab (Saxenda® ) weight loss pen medication (AKA SkinnyJab, Slim Jab, Slender Jab) as advised by the manufacturer.

Skinny Jab Cost - The Reality

As I do some research into Saxenda®  dosage (The Brand name for coined names AKA Skinny Jab, Slender Jab, Slim Jab, Skinny Shot) I  read the recommended dose prescribed by the manufacturer. I am surprised by this and then realise the real skinny jab cost, which in reality I had not been informed about.

Reading on the Saxenda®  website it lists the dosing schedule. It says

WEEK 1  = 0.6mg

WEEK 2 = 1.2mg

WEEK 3 = 1.8mg

WEEK 4 = 2.4mg

WEEK 5 = 3.0mg - FULL DOSE

Wow, I only then realise there is only 18mg in each “injection pen”skinny jab.

Recommended Dosage 

This means 0.6 at 7 days would mean I use up 4.2 ml, then in the second week 8.4ml …. Then I would only have 3.4 ml left which would only last me 2 days of week 3. Doing the calculations one pen at this dosage the Skinny Jab team advised me (0.6mg) would only last 16 days. So what am I going to do after - the one weight loss pen cost me £250.00 (this includes £50.00 doctors consultation and £200 for the weight loss injection pen)?

The manufacturer of this weight loss medication advises you to increase your dosage gradually so you do not get the side effects connected with this medication. The most common is nausea. They have a schedule which I look up - I was told nothing about this at my Skinny Jab consultation. No wonder the SkinnyJab was not working for me at this 0.6 mg dosage.

SkinnyJab cost at the recommended dosage.

Looking at figure 1 which I have created from the information provided by the manufacturer. If you are to follow their advised dosage - then over a five-week period when first starting with the weight loss pen you would need 3.5 weight loss pens. This would mean the real cost of the SkinnyJab in your first month would be £700.

If you were to stay on the full dosage (3.00mg) over 4 weeks you would use 84 mg of Saxenda® . That would mean you would need five weight loss pens and the real cost of the SkinnyJab would be £1000 on the full dose a month.

By working on the recommended dosage the real SkinnyJab cost just really surprised me, I wasn’t prepared for it. In all honesty, this would only cost less than £15 a day. Which in reality a couple of Costa coffees a week, a “designer magazine” here and there, take-aways and shopping at Waitrose per week - the cost is about the same.

What it meant for me

Not being aware of having to increase my dosage (which I say again I wasn’t told at the consultation) to get maximum benefits of this weight loss pen; therefore I didn't know I would be increasing the Skinny Jab cost.

Due to this, I wasn' able to plan my finances accordingly – or at least prepare my partner for my latest weight loss financial misadventure! I know most of us can feel uncomfortable talking about money or cost. Even more so admitting we can't afford it at this time or need to jiggle our finances. But I think this was a really important factor the SkinnyJab team didn't inform me about. I am sure as it was a new company - it might just have been a minor oversight on their part.

Advice from a doctor friend on Saxenda® dosage that can work 

I find out from a friend who is a doctor (after confessing I had been using this weight loss medication) that for me to successfully lose weight of about 3-4 pounds a week without the nauseating side effects the dosage of about 1.8mg a day is needed. As I quickly work out the maths that's about 10 days one weight loss pen is going to last me if I don't follow the recommendations outlined by Saxenda®. He tells me it is the best medication he has come across for obesity so far. He also claims the weight loss pen improves insulin sensitivity and curbs hunger and cravings. More importantly, he reinforces the message - this medication does work and reminds me of the articles in the press. I ask him about starvation mode and he assures me this weight loss medication does not cause this. He tries to explain to me how the weight loss medication actually works

No wonder I wasn't losing weight at a 0.6mg dosage of Saxenda® - it all makes sense now. I really wish I had known this useful information at the start. I wonder if this has happened to other people also? I wonder how many people have given up using this weight loss pen as they didn't really have the correct information to start with?

the importance of being prepared and the right mindset

I eventually come to a decision (reluctantly) that as I was going on a Hen Party to Portugal and I had started a post-graduate degree (This had all happened within a few weeks) It would make more sense if I started the SkinnyJab after these big events. When I was a little more settled.

I know it sounds like a really big fat of an excuse but financially I would have to spend about £600 - £1000 in a month on the SkinnyJab. For me to get maximum benefits. I didn't want to be on the injection long-term. I felt I was in danger of using it (the SkinnyJab) long term more as a way of maintaining my current weight.

I decided I would finish off my SkinnyJab injection and then wait until I had settled into my Therapeutic Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma. I would then have a bit more spare money and some time. I find quite often as I was so desperate to lose the weight I rush in trying new "weight loss products" when I genuinely don't have the time or money.

I know people may see this as an excuse but I think there is a balance between not using time/ money as an excuse but also ensuring when you start your weight loss plan you do have enough time/money etc. and are in the right mindset. Else you are just setting yourself up for failure. Like I was.

Still more cost-effective and Less traumatic than Bariatric Surgery. 

The reality is that using Saxenda®  at the full dosage and dosage that works for you is cheaper and less traumatic than Bariatric surgery. I was considering the Gastric Balloon Pill but the thought of the procedure was making me gag just reading about it. But now knowing the facts about Saxenda® dosage when I have a bit more money will try Saxenda® again but "properly".

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