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photograph of the skinny jab article in the female magazine in the Scottish Sunday Mail
photograph of the skinny jab article in the female magazine in the Scottish Sunday Mail

weight loss injections

As I spent the morning trying to get through to SkinnyJab about these weight loss injections I can't help myself but paw word by word over the article. Their phone line is engaged. Trying again and again and again, I keep hitting re-dial. The phone line is still engaged.  Distracting myself by doing some work doesn't work.Even installing messenger on facebook and sending them a message doesn't work. There's like a compulsive pull to keep redialling the phone number provided and checking my phone for messages on messenger.

skinny jab? really?

I don't tell "he" the name of the company that I am trying to contact - he'll just scoff. I must admit "skinny jab" it does sound like a bit of a far-fetched weight loss product with its weight loss claims.  Especially the name. I do even think it could be some sort of scam.

Surely calling it "skinny jab" is not really giving a great impression to the vulnerable e.g people with eating disorders. Plus I don't want to be skinny. My dream is just to be back to a healthy weight. I think about this but I'm not too fussed about the name - I just want to lose the weight. The want and need to lose three stone has taken over my mind.

In my younger days, I was bulimic and suffered from binge eating trying to get to a size four. But nearly thirty years later I am pretty sure those days are over for me.

the cost of losing weight

It says the weight loss injection costs £200. I am a bit nervous about the claims in this newspaper article. You just have to open the cupboards in my utility room. They are rammed with out of date weight loss fads and supplements ..... raspberry ketones, Garcinia cambogia, Glucomannan, CLA and let's not forget the green tea to name a few.there has been plenty of money wasted on weight loss supplements and products which haven't worked. Its almost like I have been conditioned to spend money on weight loss products that I know won't live up to their claims .. and I kinda accept that. How mad is that? being things when you don't expect them to work?

But this product is CE marked and FDA approved it is a prescribed medication and it actually works it is claimed. It is not a weight loss supplement its a medication. An injection. Yikes - I am pretty squeamish about injections I don't know how I am going to cope with injecting myself once a day with this weight loss injection.

that's not always true!

The article concludes with comments from Jeannie Di Bon, a nutritional therapist. She is not convinced by the weight loss injection and states

"Food cravings and hunger are naturally suppressed when you eat the right foods," she says."No drugs are needed to achieve this, just the powerful machine that is your own body."

I feel quite annoyed by this statement. I really have tried to lose the weight to no real avail. I would lose a pound here, a pound there only to put it back on when TOM arrived. I'm not blaming TOM entirely. Or perhaps I'm so battered and bruised by life I'm not determined enough as I was in my twenties. What I do know is that I have tried. And tried. And tried. And tried again.

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photographs of the original skinny jab newspaper article in the Scottish Sunday Mail that got me obsessed. Click to  read

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