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My Weight Loss Journey

I'm Yasmin, founder of Skinni Jab and the Kickstarter Plan. I lost nearly 3 stones in twelve weeks. I wish I could say it was an instant love story with Saxenda®. In fact, it was definitely more of a love-hate relationship with this weight loss medication. It took me over a year to work it out using Saxenda Ⓡ

Mindset Matter Most

The big realisation for me was that "Mindset Matters Most". By addressing this I was then able to lose the weight and maintain it. Don't get me wrong - I still have bad days, weeks and "episodes". But my resilience has increased. Instead of giving up and being crippled by fear I now am able to accept and move on from setbacks and failures.

My success on the weight loss injections is shown not only in my weight loss but also what I have achieved in the last couple of years in business and my personal life. I am now for the first time living my life to the full. I am quite proud of my creative abilities and my creative writing.

What I can offer

The Weight Loss injections are a big part of the plan I ended up creating to help others who also struggle with their weight, their health, their emotions, their relationships and just the ups and downs of everyday life. The weight loss medication is not the "be all and end all to a successful weight loss journey" But it does make the weight loss journey easier - speaking from personal experience.

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