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Read my diary entries and find out how I eventually got the Skinny Jab, AKA Slim Jab, Skinni Jab, Slender Jab weight loss injection to work for me.

2017 was the year I was the start of my Skinny Jab journey. I spent a whole year buying Saxenda - taking it on, off, on, off, binning it, giving up on it and starting all over again. This left me de-moralised, deflated, financially poorer and really, really miserable!

Feeling such a failure - that this FDA approved weight loss medication was not even working for me. I eventually created my own plan - by putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together. The Skinny Jab was part of the plan - but I stress it is not a magic wand, it helped me control my hunger pangs and cravings. But it was not the whole story. 

It was successful in helping me lose weight combined with other factors. I lost three stone in weight and took control of my life again, you can do the same!

Yasmin - founder of the Kickstarter Plan and Skinni Jab